Custom Work



We are still struggling hard to keep up with orders. We are working 70 hours a week and have canceled all but one of our ads. Be patient. We are pedaling as fast as we can. Your chances of getting a suppressor are better if you order something that is more rapidly made. For instance, Millennium Cans in .22 LR, .223 & .308, and MONOLITH Cans are items we have a steady call for, hence we make up and register a few whenever we are able, and usually have some in stock. We also have registered tubes for stainless, integral MK IIs made up, and can convert your MK II with less than 4 additional hours of machine time. If you want us to suppress a .50 BMG, or a large-bore sniper rifle we have to build all the pieces from scratch, and that can take quite a bit of time, especially if we have to order materials that are not normally in stock. AS A RULE, SCREW-ON CANS ARE DELIVERED QUICKLY. INTEGRAL CANS ARE NOT. Please bear this in mind. With today’s technology muzzle cans will do almost anything an integral can will do, and they tend to stay cleaner and work longer without cleaning. We don't normally rebuild cans from other manufacturers. It is a dirty, miserable, thankless, difficult, low-paying job, and we are already short on time. It is not legal to "save" a number from a another manufacturer's suppressor tube, destroy the tube, and make a new one with the same number. Don't ask.