Large Caliber Rifle Suppressors



We make Dark Star cans for centerfire rifles ranging from the .308 to the .458. Cans for the tactical rifles tend to fall into two categories: Smaller Dark Star suppressors are used on rifles which will primarily be using high velocity ammunition. These take the edge off the muzzle blast so the weapon can be comfortably used without ear protection, however nothing can be done for the sonic wave produced by bullets traveling beyond the speed of sound. We also make longer, large-volume Black Star cans for those who download their cartridges to deliver velocities below the speed of sound. These are incredibly quiet, but subsonic bullets are limited in power and range. Either type of ammunition can be used in either type of suppressor.

Many of those who opt for the large-volume, Black Star cans use large .44, .45 and .46 caliber cartridges combined with heavy (up to 650 grain) slow-moving bullets. Host weapons are either bolt-action or single-shot rifles.

The high-volume Black Star cans are larger in diameter and measure from 14 to 16 inches in length. They may weigh up to 3.5 pounds.

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