Company History



Sound Technology was started in a remote corner of Alaska in the mid '70s, during a search for a 22 rifle which could be used for target practice without annoying neighbors. Early small-bore prototypes were simple in construction, accurate, and fairly effective.

By the late '80s it became obvious that the market and facilities in Alaska weren't sufficient to support the level of activity and research needed for continued growth. In 1991 the operation was moved to the southeastern United States, where tools, materials and transport were more readily available.

The current emphasis is on robust, large volume, efficient suppressors for accurate rifles and pistols. The Ruger self-loading 22LR rifle and pistol, and bolt action target rifles are typical host weapons for the small bore suppressors. Remington and Savage bolt actions are picked to carry systems in the high powered .22-250/.308 category. The Ruger 77/44 bolt-action rifle hosts the .44 Magnum round. The Thompson Contender single shot carbine is usually picked as a host weapon for the powerful .45 Colt subsonic round.

A major design change to the entire line occurred in late 1996. This led to the use of an improved baffling system with strong geometric shapes for greater sound suppression, and totally welded construction for greater strength and stability. Aircraft grade aluminum in the 6061-T6 series is typically used in light weight applications. The 4130 and 4340 N series of chrome moly steels are used in centerfire applications where high pressures, high particle velocities and heat are encountered.