Integrally Suppressed Ruger MK II Pistols



 Integral cans usually have internal barrels that have been drilled about 3 inches from the breech to bleed gas, thus reducing bullet velocity and noise. They are usually dirtier and quieter than solid barrels equipped with muzzle cans. Because of the loss of power, pistols modified with integral cans require much more cleaning, and tend to be more prone to malfunction. From the exterior they appear more simple, but inside they are far more complicated. Provide your own bull-barreled host weapon (we prefer the 5-1/2 inch bull barrel) and we will permanently install a 1 by 8 to 10 inch blued or stainless steel suppressor. The longer tube provides a minimum of 43 dB reduction, with an average sound level of 115 dB with high speed, and 112 dB with subsonic ammunition. The suppressor strongly resembles a factory bull barrel, and most observers can't tell the difference. The muzzle cap is TIG welded, ground, sanded and carefully polished, so there is no telltale square end with threads and wrenching holes to give the suppressor away.

Most of the Mk IIs that we do end up being very accurate. We feel that the fact that the muzzle blast and its impact upon the base of each bullet is reduced has a lot to do with the increase in accuracy. This particular stainless firearm ends up being carried around in the trunks of a great many squad cars. It is a great utility firearm, and is often used to dispatch animals injured in traffic and lying by the side of the road. In residential areas the sound of loud gunfire noise from a duty pistol is highly objectionable to citizens. The dominant sound from this Mk II pistol at 30 yards is the soft, clicking noise of the action cycling. This suppressed system allows a very unpleasant duty to be performed with a very low profile and no commotion.

Curiously, from a short distance away there is little difference in performance between the integral MKII suppressor and the Millennium Muzzle Can on a similar pistol. The main difference is that one is obviously suppressed, while the other looks like a custom bull barrel. We really like the rubber Hogue grips with the finger groves and the thumb rest on the left side. They make the pistol much more comfortable to hold and fire. A separate rifle stock provides accuracy almost as good as a rifle.

Weight of complete firearm with a 10 inch stainless tube: 44 oz.