Millennium .22 LR Muzzle Cans



For heavy-barreled .22 LR pistols and rifles. We have recently developed a detachable suppressor that uses a 5/8 inch diameter, hardened steel stud to pull the rear of the suppressor tightly into register with the face (muzzle) of a heavy target barrel. The bore is not expanded, axial alignment is assured and face wear is compensated for. The barrel is INTERNALLY THREADED. When the can is removed the muzzle crown is protected by the deep socket. A thread protector is not required. The first barrel is bored, crowned and threaded with the sale of the can. We will thread additional barrels for $55 each, plus shipping. A single suppressor may thus be used on many .22 LR firearms. The weight of the can on the end of a barrel stabilizes the weapon, tending to make it more accurate in offhand shooting.


The Millennium .22 LR can comes in a diameter of 1.25 or 1.375 by 6, 7 or 8 inches long, with the 1-3/8 by 7 inch unit being effective and most practical. We have tested the 7 inch can on the fifty-year-old Ruger MK II (pronounced mark-two) pistol and gotten reductions as great as 43 dB for this high volume can. We have gotten readings as low as 112 dB on the pistol, and 114 dB on a 10/22, short barreled rifle, with subsonic, 40 grain ammunition at 1,028 fps. This is a paradox, as rifles are usually more silent than pistols.


Millennium suppressors are solid, welded steel units. They do not use wipes and may be cleaned by immersion in solvent or an ultrasonic tank. All generic ammo (except Stingers and Vipers) remains subsonic in either the Ruger 4 or 5.5 inch, bull- barreled pistol. Target sights are not occluded. We need a barrel with a parallel profile and at least 7/8 inch diameter to turn and internally thread. For the money, this is the most effective suppressor we offer. The robust unit will provide a lifetime of reliable service. It carries a lifetime warranty, as long as only .22 LR ammo is used in normal (not full auto) fire.


Weight: 11 to 14 oz.