.223 M-Can for the M16 & AR15



OUR NEWEST LINE OF .223/5.56mm CANS: Now consist of the small 6" compact entry model (which has a base retail price of $450), a 7" and a longer model that is custom-made. The price varies according to how much machine work we have to perform. The dB reduction on the six-stage varies from 30 to 42, depending on ammunition and barrel length. We like an M16/AR15 with a post-ban H-BAR, and prefer to thread the end 11/16", NF, LH for a single point mount. We demonstrated the 7" can on an M16 with a 13" H-BAR at the largest indoor shooting range in the U.S., which has an uninsulated metal roof overhead. We first fired military ball and Engel Subsonic with the can into a pile of rubber backstop material at 15'. The instructors and range officers did not wear ear protection, and were very impressed. We cautioned them to wear ear protection, then removed the can and fired the same ammo out of the 13" barrel. The report was devastating. The difference between the two reports appeared to impress them more than simply firing a .223 rifle, suppressed.