From: "Jerry Bell" <[email protected]>
To: "Mark White" <[email protected]>
Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2001 12:17 PM
Subject: Ruger Mk. II with your Millinnium Screw on Can
> Mark:
> I carried the Ruger Mk. II Slab Sided .22 with you Millennium screw on Can
> to the range yesterday for the first time.  I had bought 2 boxes of the
> Aquilla 60gr. Sniper Sub Sonic to shoot in the pistol.  Ruger an can
> functioned flawlessly.  Absolutely perfect!  Not one miss fire, not one
> failure to feed and not one baffle strike.  I was concerned about some of
> the things that I had heard about the Heavy Aquilla not stabilizing in the
> standard twist barrel and this causing baffle strikes.  I was also
> the shooting regular (cheap) .22 LR ammo would not give me the sound
> suppression that I wanted.  Wrong!  After shooting one box of Aquilla
> Sniper Sub Sonic ammo I tried regular Remington (Cheap) .22 LR ammo.  I
> could not tell any difference in the sound suppression.  The "Milllennium"
> can was just a quite shooting the standard .22 LR ammo as it is with the
> Aquilla Sniper Sub Sonic.  I'm sure the Aquilla is a much better grade of
> ammo, and I have read that it will penetrate up to 22 inches, but it is no
> quieter for plinking.
> I have been keeping the two intregal suppressed Ruger Mk. II's for resale,
> and therefore they have not been fired...............I have been waiting
> that Ruger and "Millennium" can to get here so I could test fire one of
> .22's.
> Mark, the "Millinnium" Can and the internal barrel threading on the Ruger
> all of excellent quality.  Bottom Line:  If anyone makes a better
> for a .22, I would like to see (hear) it.  The only way it could be any
> quieter, is if it somehow kept the slide from making any noise.  I could
> hear nothing but the slide moving and the bullet hitting the target.
> than that, No noise at all.
> If anyone ever ask you for a reference, Please give them my email address.
> When I get through with them, they will think I have stock in your
> Thanks for the best .22 suppressors I could ever seen.
> Customer for life.
> Jerry

Steve Romans

Steve Romans shown with the .50 BMG, single-shot rifle he built at his shop in the Idaho desert.  The new Sound Tech .50 can made this weapon comfortable to shoot without ear protection.  It was really neat shooting the big fifty at the ridge in the background, about 600 yards away.  One could hear the big bullet whizzing along at about 2,650 fps, and then impacting the lava with a big thud.  We are also making a smaller can for the .338 Lapua Mag, which sounds about the same.